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/our story

Our view


We have an engineering view with a design thinking approach. Our research goes through complex adaptive systems + networks theory, bringing theories to real-world applications. We don´t work alone or closed in our lab, we work interacting with our customers and partners trying to give insights and new solutions for complex problems. In our understanding, cooperation is coevolution.


Our background


a) Innovation and Research
- founded two tech startups (telecom and software automation, 1990s - 2015)
- developed the “DataFaz DCIM” software (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) (from 2009 to 2015)
- developed mobile applications for industrial uses (from 2006 to 2015)
- awarded by international institutes (
- international conferences (papers + presentations)


b) International collaboration
- have been working in the higher education sector (2000-present)
- research and development for the cybersecurity sector (Sikur USA, Sikur France)
- leading a Research Lab in France (Sikur Lab)
- consultancy/designing building and data centre infrastructure for multinational companies (USA, Brazil)
- developing mobile apps for several industrial sectors (Brazil and Portugal)



/our team


Mauro Fazion Filho

/ Founder  / Head of Research

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Murilo Souza

/ Researcher / Designer


Sandra Oliveira

/ Managing Director

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Charles Cesconetto

/ Researcher  / Multimedia Producer